Tales From The Road: Asheville and Wilmington

Greetings relatives. I'm currently in Wilmington, North Carolina. I just finished up playing a 3 hour set at a brewery. It took a lot out of me, but I was able to get through it. I generally don't play covers, but had to learn a whole heap of 'em to fill 3 hours. I may have played some of my songs twice, but the crowd was turning over fast enough that only a few folks heard repeats. I've never been to Wilmington, but from my brief exposure to it, I really like it. There is a big beautiful river that runs through the city, and the folks here have all been very kind to me. I was in Asheville, NC for the previous 2 days, and got to spend some time in the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have video coming soon of that experience (it was amazing!!). I'm driving down to Myrtle Beach tomorrow to play a show so I should probably get some rest. Check out my channel if you haven't. I've been posting a lot of van videos, and I'm going to have some travel videos and a special series I call " Closest Relative's Safari Sessions" where I record musicians playing inside of my van. I've already done one and am super pumped to get it out to you.!