Tales From the Road: Myrtle Beach and Columbia

Hello friends. Greetings from Columbia, SC. I just spent a few days in Myrtle Beach. I played a show there and met some cool new folks. I spent a day at the beach and refreshed myself in the cold October Atlantic water. I will have a video update from that coming soon,

I've spent the last few days in Columbia, South Carolina. I purchased a busking license and busked for Halloween. A friendly security guard at the business license office tipped me off to the part of town that's would have the most people hanging out at night. I played for about 5 hours to throngs of college students from The University of South Carolina. It was largely a good time, and great people-watching and costume-guessing. I had 6 or 7 students ask me to play "Mo Bamba" which I had never heard of before. I assumed it was some kind of hip new Latin pop song that I wasn't privy to. After looking it up, it's a rap song with no guitar and one simple and short descending keyboard riff that repeats through the entire song.  I'm not exactly sure what their expectations were for me on that one.

In related news, someone tried to scam me while busking. He told me they were going to "bless me" and trade me a hundred dollar bill for the money in my guitar case (nowhere close to $100). His reasoning was that he had tried to buy food with the hundred, and they couldn't break it, so he was going to "bless me" as an artist, and he would be able to go get some food while he was out on the town. I closed my guitar case, grabbed the hundred from him, and walked up to a nearby shop window with the lights on inside. The bill was soooo fake!!!! I worked in retail management for a while so I'm no stranger to identifying counterfeit money. What a scumbag!!!!

I bought two days worth of busking license, but was rained out the second day. I'll be leaving Columbia tonight and headed to Athens, GA to see what it's all about.

Check out my van building series on YouTube if you haven't. I just posted the final one today. I'll be doing mostly travel update videos and some live music videos from this point on!