Tales from the road. Nashville and Chattannooga.

Hey all. I'm currently in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was in Nashville for the last several days. I had a great time in Nashville. A friend of mine let me park my van in her driveway. She showed me around Nashville and was the best host ever. I did some busking in Nashville in front of the Ryman. I played an in-store set at Two Old Hippies, I went to a free concert and saw Band of Heathens. I sang karaoke at Santa's. It was pretty fantastic.

Last night was my first in Chattanooga. I did a little busking (not very successfully). I went in to a small bar to inquire about popping on the stage as a last minute addition sometime this weekend (I don't have anything booked in Chattanooga). While in this bar, I heard someone order a drink next to me in a thick Scottish accent. I looked over and it was Adam Thompson from We Were Promised Jetpacks (check them out if you aren't privy). I ended up sitting with the band and hanging our for a couple of hours. They were all really cool.

Also, I uploaded a new video to YouTube. It's about building the van. There will be more of it's kind.

Oh, and my foot is definitely healing (Broke or sprained it the day I left for Nashville). I can fit it into a normal shoe now.

Gonna try my luck again in Chattanooga tonight.

Wish me luck.....