The Meat N' 3 Tour ends, Everywhere All the Time Tour begins!!!

I spent 11 days sharing shows with my good friends Coal Fired Bicycle. We played:

Athens, Ohio     Fredrick, Maryland     Charleston, South Carolina     New Orleans, Louisiana     Hattiesburg, Mississippi     Nashville, Tennessee     Owensboro, Kentucky     Covington, Kentucky     Celina, Ohio

It was an absolute blast. I've gotten the chance to be in one place for a few days and try to catch up on working on my van and booking shows for my "Everything all the Time" Tour. I will be on the road for an entire year!!!!!!!! I played the first show of the tour on Wednesday 10/3 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have a short break before I really start traveling. I'll be playing Nashville, Tennessee on 10/11 and will be driving all over the country for the following year. I'll be living out of my van and crashing with folks I know and nice people who are willing to put me up on their couch or whatever. I will be documenting the trip via my YouTube channel and other social media sites, as well as this website,

Take care y'all,

              I'll have more updates soon!!!